About CASL


About CASL

CASL is a technology leader in the field of compilers and RAD (Rapid Application Development) Tools for PDA's.  The CASLide was first released in 1996, making CASL one of the earliest supporters of the Palm OS. The proto-type for CASL was IZL, CASLsoft's development tool for the GEOS based PDA's (OmniGo and Zoomer), which was released in 1993. 

In November 2003, we added the ability to extend CASL applications to both PalmOS and PocketPC devices using the same CASL source code.  This addition officially made CASL a true multi-platform RAD environment for PDA developers.  At the same time, supporting the capability to run CASL applications in CASLWin (Windows) for debugging and deployment.

In July of 2017, CASL 4.3 was released and added better support for the latest available hardware.  This includes support for the Palm Tungsten T|X, Treo 700p, Windows Mobile 5 and many more devices.

We welcome you to visit our support forums and tutorials to get a better idea of what CASL can do for you or your company.

The CASLsoft website and products were acquired by WAGWARE Systems, Inc. and Brainyware, LLC in September 2005 from Feras Information Technologies.  In June 2017 WAGWARE Systems, Inc. and Brainyware, LLC released CASL 4.3 to developers.  This release offers substantial improvements over previous versions of CASL, including support for ActiveSync 4.x.  For additional information, please contact info@caslsoft.com.

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