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Visit the CASL Support Forums; a place to post comments, questions, and more.  The Support Board serves as a Knowledge Base of community experience with CASL.  There is a search feature for finding past posts on a topic.

CASL Tutorial

An Introduction to CASL e-book is now available.  Download it here and get started today.  This e-book will step you through the installation, the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and creating your first application.  It is recommended that new CASL Developers begin their journey with this document. 

*Note - This e-book is an Adobe Acrobat document/PDF file.  You can download the free Adobe Acrobat Document reader by clicking icon to the right.

Get Adobe Reader

Video Tutorials

We are currently developing new CASL Videos to demonstrate how easy it is to create applications using CASL.  To view the current list of available Video Tutorials, please click here

Power Tutorials

To assist with some of the more advanced methods of using CASL, please see the following tutorials.

Tutorial Description

Automatic Builds

The purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate how CASL can be scripted to automatically build projects for multiple ESD's (Electronic-Sales-Distribution).  ESD's such as PalmGear, Handango, PocketGear, etc. require custom versions of your applications to identify where the customer should purchase your products.

CASL HTTP Tutorial

In this tutorial we will demonstrate how CASL can be used to create advanced networking applications to send and receive data across a network. The protocol demonstrated in this example is HTTP. In addition, a complete sample application is provided that will allow you to quickly and easily integrate this functionality directly into your own CASL applications.

Advanced CASL Installers

This tutorial demonstrates how InnoSetup can be used to enhance and customize CASL 4.3 application installers.  This tutorial is best-suited for PocketPC / Windows Mobile installers.

How To: Lock your CASL Applications

Creating applications in CASL isn't that difficult.  However, how you productize your CASL applications is equally important.  This tutorial covers some pointers to assist CASL developers looking for ways to secure their hard work.

Have an idea for a tutorial or want to submit one?  Please e-mail us at support@caslsoft.com with the details and we will add it here.


For CASL source code from CASLsoft and users, see Samples Page.  Source includes package files for accessing database of standard Palm apps.

Support FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about CASL.

CASLpro (PalmOS) Troubleshooting

Can't seem to get CASLpro (for Palm) working?  This CASLpro Troubleshooting page should help you get started.

CASL Powered Solution Providers

If you would like to help support the CASL product and our development efforts, please consider adding an image from our CASL Powered Solution Provider library to your website. 

3rd Party CASL Resources

For sites offering free and commercial CASL Resources, please see our Links Page.  In cases where the author does not have a website, we host some downloads on our Samples Page.

3rd Party CASL Books

We know of the following 3rd party books which contain information about programming in CASL.  If you know of others, we'd be happy to add them to list (write to marketing@caslsoft.com).


Developing with CASL (NEW -Full e-book Version now Available, complete with code examples!)
by Paul Schmid
Get a jumpstart on your CASL Development with this powerful guide. Topics include: Hello World application, Grid Object, Databases, Files, ODBC, the CASL Conduit, Bitmaps, Graphics/Color and much more!
PDF file, 375+ pages, 25 example programs with source code.
VB Conduit Starter Kit (NEW -Full e-book Version now Available, complete with code examples!)
by Paul Schmid
This excellent documentation set will help you get started creating advanced custom conduits for synchronizing data between a PalmOS® device and a remote Database. This book is intended for advanced synchronization capabilities and enterprise developers.
PDF file, 100+ pages, 7 lessons with source code.
Palm Programming in Basic
by Jon Kilburn
Paperback - 275 pages (December 2001)
APress; ISBN: 1893115496
Amazon.com link, BarnesAndNoble.com link
Essential Palm Programming Guide
by Christian Immler,
Paperback - Approx. 528 pages (August 2001)
DATA Becker, ISBN: 1585070521
Amazon.com link, BarnesAndNoble.com link


No Image Das große Buch Palm- Programmierung. Schnell zum Ziel ohne Programmierkenntnisse
von Christian Immler
Taschenbuch - 528 Seiten (2001)
DATA Becker, ISBN: 3815821215
Buchhandelshop link


Programmation Palm
de Christian Immler
Broché - 500 pages (2001)
Micro application (Grand livre),; ISBN : 2742920145
Amazon.fr link

Note: As a convenience, CASLsoft provides information about these products, and some of the locations where you can purchase.  Please make your own purchasing decisions regarding books and where to buy.

CASL Language Manual

Download the language reference manual in Acrobat format.    Get Adobe Reader

CASLide Manual

Download the CASL integrated development environment manual in Acrobat formatGet Adobe Reader

Additional Documentation

The PalmOS Programmer's API Reference is useful if you are interested in calling PalmOS functions using CASLPro.

Developer Resources

Developer resources that provide information regarding Palm and/or PocketPC, samples and tutorials.

Promoting your CASL Software

Some CASL developers have asked if there are ways that they can help promote their business/products that were created with CASL. There are a few tools that we use a couple times a month to help increase awareness of our own products. These are tools that we feel are valuable and may be useful to CASL Developers. If you are interested in submitting your product to hundreds of websites (a huge time saver) or submitting your website URL to thousands of search engines, please try the products located at the CASL Developer Deals page.

Selling Your CASL Applications

There are a number of sites that will sell your applications.  Sites such as Handango, PalmGear, PocketGear and a number of others will allow you to set your product price but will deduct a percentage of the product sale.

Site Map

A site map of this website is available by clicking here.

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