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One Development Environment, Multiple Platforms

CASL is a full-featured programming language that includes a Windows Integrated Development Environment (CASLide).  CASL enables developers familiar with Visual Basic, Java Script, or Pascal to easily develop professional applications for Palm OS, PocketPC/Windows Mobile and Windows devices. CASL has been specifically designed from the ground up to allow the rapid development of compact, fast running PDA applications.  The following figure conceptualizes the ease of use of the CASL development environment.

One tool for multiple PDA platforms...

Object Oriented and Event Driven

Developing Palm OS, PocketPC and Windows applications with CASL is as easy as:

  1. Point and click to place visual (GUI) objects onto display screen forms
  2. Provide instructions for the PDA to perform when a visual (GUI) object triggers an event.
  3. Test the program on your PC, then download it to run on the PDA.

System Requirements

Target Platform System Requirements
Windows (PC) Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K and XP
Palm OS Devices

(PalmOS 3.x - 5.x)

Palm III,Palm IIIx,Palm TX,Palm VII,Palm IIIe,Palm Z22,Palm Treo 650,GSL Xplore G18,Samsung SPH-i500,Palm Tungsten T3,Palm Tungsten E,Palm Zire 21,Palm IIIc,Palm IIIxe,Handspring Visor,Handspring Visor Deluxe,Sony CLIE UX50 Series,Symbol SPT 1500,Symbol SPT 1700,Sony CLIE VZ90,Kyocera QCP 6035,IBM Workpad c3,Symbol SPT 1740,TRGpro,Palm Zire,Palm VIIx,Palm m100,Handspring Visor Prism,Handspring Visor Platinum,Garmin iQue 3200,GSL Xplore G88 ,Handspring Treo 90,Handspring Treo 180,Garmin iQue 3600,Acer s50/s60,Acer s10,IBM Workpad,Palm Treo 600,Palm Tungsten T,Palm V,Qool QDA-700,Sony CLIE TG Series,Sony CLIE T Series,Sony CLIE SL Series,Sony CLIE SJ Series,Palm m500,Palm m505,Handspring Visor Edge,HandEra 330,Samsung SPH-i330,Sony CLIE N Series,Sony CLIE NR Series,Sony CLIE NX Series,Sony CLIE NZ Series,Sony CLIE S Series,Sony CLIE TH55,Sony CLIE TJ27,Sony CLIE TJ37,Sony CLIE UX40,Palm Tungsten E2,Palm m105,Palm Tungsten C,Palm Zire 71,Palm Tungsten W,Palm LifeDrive,Palm m125,Samsung SGH-i530,Sony CLIE S320,Sony CLIE N760C,Palm Tungsten T5,Handspring Treo Series,Sony CLIE T415,Kyocera 7135,Samsung SPH-i300,IBM Workpad c500,IBM Workpad c505, Fossil, Handspring Visor Pro,Palm i705,Palm Vx,Palm m515,Palm m130,Sony CLIE TJ25,Sony CLIE TJ35,Tapwave Zodiac,Handspring Treo 300,Handspring Treo 270,Palm Zire 72,Palm Zire 31,Tapwave Zodiac 2,Palm Tungsten T2,Symbol SPT 1550,Symbol SPT 1800
PocketPC/Windows Mobile Devices PocketPC 2002/2003/Windows Mobile, on ARM, SH3, MIPS microprocessors.

We do not support OMAP, which uses ARMV4, and which is not the same as ARM. (The version of eVC we use is 3.0 which only supports ARM, MIPS and SH3. The eVC 4.0 generates ARMV4 and nothing else).

CASLide and Compilers

The CASL download package file, which you can get from our Download page, contains the full CASL development package (documentation, CASLide, runtimes, Sample Code and HotSync ® conduit), along with:

  • the CASL p-code compiler for Windows (and Palm OS)
  • the CASLpro (C build) compiler for the Palm OS
  • the CASLppc p-code compiler for the PocketPC platform.

The p-code programs are interpreted by the freely distributed runtimes provided for the Windows (PC), Palm OS, and PocketPC platforms.  The Windows runtime (CASLwin) is fully integrated with the CASLide debugger, and is also suitable for stand-alone use.  The demo CASLpro (C Build) compiler together with the open source PRC-Tools and GCC compiler creates stand-alone native applications for the Palm OS.

Data Synchronization

A freely distributed HotSync conduit is provided for merging CASL database files on the Palm OS and Windows platforms.  A freely distributed ActiveSync conduit is included with CASL for merging CASL database files on the PocketPC and Windows platforms.

CASL Add-On Libraries

While CASL is a powerful product out of the box, sometimes it is necessary to take advantage of features specific to the hardware you are targeting. There are a number of CASL add-on libraries that enhance the usefulness of the product. While the following is not a complete list of those add-on products, many of them provide useful extensions that you may find helpful.

PalmOS Libraries

The following table represents examples of some of the CASLpro (Palm) Add-On Libraries available.  This is by far not a complete list of libraries but provided as an example of the type of Add-On libraries that exist for CASL.  More CASLpro libraries are available on the Samples Page.

Library Author Description

CASLPro Serial BlueTooth Library

Brainyware, LLC Until now, many CASL developers have lost money because they were unable to migrate their applications to use the newer Bluetooth tecnology. With the release of the CASL Serial BT Library, CASL Pro developers can now wirelessly connect to cell phones, GPS devices, scientific equipment, computers, other Palms and PocketPCs, or virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device!

CASLPro Events Lib

Brainyware, LLC Allows CASLPro programmers to easily capture and utilize the 5-way navigation pad now present on many PalmOS devices. Launch, soft power off, and hard power off can also be detected and handled.

CASLPro DialNumber Library

Brainyware, LLC Allows CASLPro programmers to easily make applications that programmatically dial phone numbers.
Pen Up/Down Detection Brett Johnson Computing This package provides the ability to have a casl function called when a Palm pen up/down event happens.
Font/String Formatting Brett Johnson Computing Functions for filling and trimming strings to a specified pixel width.
Db Info Hypertronic.com Database Info & Attribute Library:
  • Functions to retrieve, set and clear the attributes of a database file. Uses standard palm constants so all attributes are available, including backup bit and copy protection.
  • Functions to read the appinfoblock of a pdb and get the field labels used by the built in address book.
  • Function to retrieve the database modification number. Useful as a quick way to check if a shared database has been modified.

PocketPC / Windows Mobile Libraries

The following table represents examples of some of the CASL PocketPC/Windows Mobile Add-On Libraries available.  This is by far not a complete list of libraries but provided as an example of the type of Add-On libraries that exist for CASL. 

CASL's DLL Example (Enhanced)

Brainyware, LLC For CASL developers who write for the PocketPC we've decided to store our version of CASL's DLL example. We've extended the example that comes with CASL to show and hide the soft input panel (SIP), use a native WindowsCE message box, a WindowsCE file open dialog, and a date picker. We don't have a page set up for it yet but for the moment you can download it here.  This is FREE! Includes the complete CASL and eVC++ project files.
ADO BridgeJowst ADObridge extends the functionality of ADOCE to the CASL PocketPC runtime. This allows CASL developers to use Connection and Recordset objects as well as SQL statements within their CASL code!
REGbridge Jowst REGbridge brings control of the PocketPC registry to the CASL PocketPC runtime, allowing CASL developers to read and write the registry using the CASL language.

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