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The CASL download package was designed to install and run under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP and can be used to build applications for the PalmOS v3.x-5.x , Windows CE3.0 (and higher), PocketPC 2002/2003/Windows Mobile and Windows 95/98/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista.  The package you are downloading is the FULL version of CASL.  The only limitation is that each application created by the CASL compiler will display an "Unregistered CASL Compiler" prompt unless you have licensed your copy of CASL with us.  To remove the prompt, please see our Sales page.  The following instructions will help you get up and running with CASL quickly.

Click here to read the CASL 4.3 Update Notes

CASL 4.3 Installation Instructions

  1. Download CASL43.zip (~5MB), unzip and run the installer, CASL43.exe.
  2. If you would like to build applications for the PalmOS or would like to install the CASL Productivity Pak, please see the CASL Components Installer section (below).  If you prefer to install GCC / PRC-Tools and the Palm SDK manually, please see the GCC Install Page for download links for the individual components.
  3. The CASL installer includes the latest CASL IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Compiler, Sample CASL applications and Documentation.  For a quick introduction to CASL, please see our Introduction to CASL Tutorial.
 *Upgrading from Previous Versions - For those who have existing CASL 3.x or 4.x installations, CASL43.exe will install into a separate folder and coexist with any existing CASL installation.  This allows you to test the latest features, without affecting your existing licensed version.

CASL Components Installer

The CASL Components installer was created to simplify the installation of various components needed to build CASL applications for the PalmOS.  All of the components needed by the base CASL installer (above) exist within the CASL Components installer.  These components are freely available Palm development toolsets or additional add-on utilities.  These additional components are not part of the CASL product and are provided at no-charge per the license agreement accompanying the installer.  However, CASL does use these components to allow you to build applications using CASLPro (C Build option).  The CASL Component installer will launch multiple sub-installers for you, simply take the default options for each component you wish to install.  The next section describes each component in greater detail.

The following components are needed for creating CASLPro/C Build (non-runtime) versions of your CASL applications.  The "Build/C Build" menu option within the CASL IDE will generate C code that will be compiled by the GCC compiler.  Therefore, you'll need these components installed so CASL can launch the compiler and associated tools to generate your application.




Cygwin is a Linux-like environment for Windows, provides user tools, and a PRC Make facility for building Palm OS applications.  The PRC-Tools package including GCC runs on the Cygwin environment.


The PRC-Tools package contains all of the GCC tools specific to Palm OS.


The Palm OS SDK package contains C header files and libraries required for developing Palm OS applications.

CASL Productivity Pak

The CASL Productivity Pak allows CASL developers to browse/edit and search existing .cbd/cdi files, convert Access Databases to CASL Code (with data rows) and includes a command-line version of the Access to CASL code tool.


The above component installation has been simplified into a single downloadable package called the "CASL Components" installer.  You may download this installer by clicking the link below:

Download the CASLComponents.zip  (~22MB)


Once downloaded, unzip the 'CASLComponents.zip' file and run the 'CASLComponents.exe' to install the above components.


  *Note - When installing the CASL Components, you can disallow the installation of any components by un-checking the associated component item from the installer.  The CASL Components installer will launch several sub-installers for each component selected for install.  Most developers will want all items selected.

Free Runtime and Support Files

These files are included in the CASL installation.  These are the support files needed for Palm Powered ™ handhelds and PC's which will be running CASL programs, but will not be used for development.

CASLrt.zip - Latest CASL Runtimes

CASLfonts.exe - The CASLfonts needed to run the CASLwin runtime. These are also included in the CASL installer, this download may only be needed for your customer's install.

mfcdll.exe - Windows DLL's needed to run the CASLwin runtime.

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