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CASL 4.4 Now in Beta

Jan 4th, 2019 - The initial CASL 4.4 beta has been released to the customer forums on our support board.  Access to this update is exclusive to those who have licensed their copy of CASL with us.  If you would like to support our efforts and receive the latest CASL 4.4 build, please register your copy at our sales page

Some enhancements currently implemented include: PalmOS 5-way menu navigation, Smart Minimize on PocketPC/Windows Mobile Builds, ActiveSync improvements and more.

Developing with CASL

by Paul Schmid

July 13th, 2018 - Developing with CASL e-book (PDF) complete with source code examples is now available as a free download.  Get a jumpstart on your CASL Development with this powerful guide.  Topics include:  Hello World application, Grid Object, Databases, Files, ODBC, the CASL Conduit, Bitmaps, Graphics/Color and much more!

VB Conduit Starter Kit

by Paul Schmid

July 13th, 2018 - VB Conduit Starter Kit e-book and source code is now available.  This excellent documentation set will help you get started creating advanced custom conduits for synchronizing data between a PalmOS® device and a remote Database.  This book is intended for advanced synchronization capabilities and enterprise developers.

Special Offer for AppForge Developers

March 31st, 2018 - Please visit our AppForge Upgrade Offer for details.  Note: This is a limited time offer which will expire June 1st, 2018.
January 12th, 2018 - CASL Adds Support for Janam XP20/30 Series Barcode Scanners.  Read the full Press Release here.  Harry B. Lerner, Co-CEO of Janam had this to say about CASL :

"The CASL development environment is a valuable tool for software developers who want to quickly create barcode scanning applications for our powerful XP Series," said Harry B. Lerner, Co-CEO of Janam. "We are excited by the large number of Janam resellers and ISVs who have already indicated their intention to utilize CASL's robust platform for their application development."

January 10th, 2018 - CASL adds support for the Janam XP Series of rugged, handheld computing devices for mobile workers.  CASL developers may now begin integrating Janam barcode scanners within their applications.  Please visit the CASL + Janam support page for useful CASL Sample applications and additional information.
September 14th, 2017 - Harv Laser, at TreoCentral, reviews CASL.  Read the full review here.   Harv demonstrates the ease of creating a guessing game using CASL.

"CASL has made it possible for me to create programs for my Treo, something I didn't know could be done this easily."  -Harv Laser, Managing Editor at TreoCentral



July 10th, 2017 - CASL mentioned on PalmInfocenter.

Press Release

July 3rd 2017


July 3rd, 2017 - WAGWARE Systems, Inc. and Brainyware LLC announce the official public release of CASL 4.3.  It is available immediately from our Download page.  This new version of CASL provides compatibility with more hardware than any previous release of CASL, improved functionality and new features.  Even more important, this release allows anyone to create CASL applications without functional restrictions.  CASL applications can be created to run on the PalmOS®, PocketPC or Windows platforms.  This makes CASL the ideal solution for commercial or non-commercial developers.

View the CASL 4.3 Press Release here

Also available from: Yahoo News, eMediaWire, PRWeb, PalmAddicts, PDABlast



CASL 4.3 Now available

June 26th 2017


CASL 4.3

CASL 4.3 is now available as a free Download and includes support for Palm, PocketPC/Windows Mobile and Windows.  Our licensing policy has changed to allow anyone to create applications in CASL on all 3 platforms.  Applications created with CASL are limited only by a freeware notice in your compiled applications (commercial/shareware developers are urged to license your copy of CASL.  For more information, please see our Sales FAQ).   

What's new in CASL 4.3:

  • Maintains compatibility with the latest Palm, PocketPC and Windows Mobile (5) Hardware
  • ActiveSync 4.x support / Windows Mobile 5
  • Database Transfer utilities for one-way PocketPC .cdb/.cdi transfer to the Desktop / Laptop PC
  • Now includes support for the Serial BlueTooth Library and CASLPro (PalmOS) Events Library.  These two additions are now part of the standard CASL 4.3 package and included in the /Samples folder.
  • New function - Object and global variable browser for the IDE (CTL+SPACE)
  • Display number of CASL objects in compiler output
  • Fix for T|X reset on app. exit
  • Fix for NVFS device reset issue
  • CASL Productivity Pak - CDB Browser lets you browse CASL (CDB) files, edit and search them.  MDB2CASL Converts MS Access databases to CASL .cdb files and generates CASL .cpk's
  • New and Improved CASL Samples, including examples for playing .wav files on PalmOS 5, improved/custom UI's and much more!

To view the update notes in this release, please click here.

CASL Productivity Pak FREE Download

June 26th 2017

The CASL Components installer now includes the CASL Productivity Pak, absolutely Free!  This excellent package allows CASL developers to browse/edit and search existing .cbd/cdi files (CASL Database files), convert Access Databases to CASL Code (with data rows) and includes a command-line version of the Access to CASL code tool.  The CASL Productivity Pak was kindly donated by Vividsoftware.

Introduction to CASL Tutorial (PDF)

June 26th 2017 

An Introduction to CASL e-book is now available.  Get started with CASL today!  This e-book will step you through the installation, the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and creating your first CASL application.  It is recommended that new CASL Developers begin their journey with this document. 

Have you or your company created a new CASL external library that you would like to have mentioned here?  If so, please contact marketing@caslsoft.com.

Looking for Developer News?

For news about the CASL developer community, visit the CASL Developer News Board. CASL developers with an announcement are invited to post to this board.

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