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AppForge Upgrade Offer

(Due to popular request, this offer has been extended)

Oct 4th, 2018

We have recently learned that AppForge has ceased operation as of March 15th 2018 and more recently acquired by ORACLE.  We understand the current situation that AppForge developers are currently facing.  For a limited time, we are offering prior AppForge customers the ability to upgrade to the fully licensed version of CASL 4.3 at a reduced price of only $299 $249 (That is a savings of $50!) 

This offer will expire April 1st, 2019!

You have a choice when it comes to cross-platform RAD development tools and we hope that you will give CASL 4.3 a try.  You can fully evaluate CASL from our Download page and begin using the tool immediately!  To remove the unregistered compiler notice, you will want to take advantage of the offer on this page.  This special AppForge Developer price will only be offered for a short time!

You will be happy to know that CASL is licensed per-developer seat and there are No Runtime fees!  That is, once you develop your application and license your copy of CASL with us, your application may be run on an any number of devices on all support platforms (PalmOS, PocketPC/Windows Mobile and Windows) with no additional fees!  CASL is a veteran to the PDA business and was first released in 1996.  If you have any questions about your purchase of CASL, please see our Sales page or contact us at sales@caslsoft.com.

Converting from AppForge to CASL - FAQs

Q: What Platforms are supported by CASL?

A: CASL applications can run on the PalmOS, PocketPC, Windows Mobile 5/6 and even Windows! One of the many advantages of CASL is that applications can be run and debugged under Windows without having to transfer the app. to the PDA to test each modification.

Q: Where should I start in porting my applications to CASL?

A:  We recommend you first start by Downloading CASL from our Download Page.  Included in the download is an Introduction to CASL (PDF / e-book) to help you get started quickly with your first CASL application.  Next, you may want to watch our introductory Video Tutorials to help you become more familiar with the development environment. 

Q: What other resources exist to assist me?

A: We encourage all users to utilize the expertise found on our CASL Forums.  There, you will often receive answers to your questions very quickly.  In fact, there are additional customer-developed libraries, source code, tutorials, newbie forums and much more to help new CASL users get up to speed with the tool.

Are you Ready to upgrade?

We are glad you have made the decision to license your copy of  CASL.  To complete your order, we will need proof of your prior AppForge purchase.  Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Send an e-mail to support@caslsoft.com or Fax to 810-277-4110 with proof that you are a licensed developer of AppForge (e-mail or printed receipt of your order is acceptable). 

Step 2

Once Step 1 is completed, click the link below to place your order for CASL!  You will then receive an e-mail from us with your license key for commercial development, license details and how to access our customer-only forums.  Welcome to CASL!



Developer Upgrade Offer

($50 off)



(Limited time offer)

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