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by Paul Schmid

Developing with CASL e-book (PDF) complete with source code examples is now available as a free download.  Get a jumpstart on your CASL Development with this powerful guide.  Topics include:  Hello World application, Grid Object, Databases, Files, ODBC, the CASL Conduit, Bitmaps, Graphics/Color and much more!      Now a FREE Download!

January 12th, 2018 - CASL Adds Support for Janam XP20/30 Series Barcode Scanners.  Read the full Press Release here.  Harry B. Lerner, Co-CEO of Janam had this to say about CASL :

"The CASL development environment is a valuable tool for software developers who want to quickly create barcode scanning applications for our powerful XP Series," said Harry B. Lerner, Co-CEO of Janam. "We are excited by the large number of Janam resellers and ISVs who have already indicated their intention to utilize CASL's robust platform for their application development."

Please visit the CASL + Janam Support Page for useful sample applications and additional information.

CASL 4.3 is now available for Download -  Commercial, Corporate, Shareware and Freeware developers can deploy CASL applications on the PalmOS®, Android, PocketPC/Windows Mobile (with touch screens)/WinCE and Windows with NO run-time distribution fees.  Jumpstart your CASL development experience by downloading the Introduction to CASL e-book (also included in the CASL 4.3 download).  This free tutorial will help you get started with CASL quickly.

Windows-Based PalmOS®, PocketPC and Windows Rapid Application Development Tool

Powerful and Flexible

CASL (Compact Application Solution Language) is an easy to use Windows Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that allows you to build applications for the PalmOS®, PocketPC / Windows Mobile and Windows using a single set of code.  You can easily create applications that target multiple operating systems using a high-level programming language (similar to BASIC) that will only take a small investment of your time to learn.  Even if you have never created software before, CASL can help make your idea a reality

Reach More Customers with CASL

The CASL Package supports building applications for the PalmOS®, PocketPC / Windows Mobile and Windows all within a single Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  Develop and test applications on the Desktop (CASLWin), then transfer to the target device.

The CASL compiler for the PalmOS® takes the CASL code and compiles it to C code, which is then seamlessly compiled by the open source PRC-Tools / GCC to a native PalmOS® application. CASL applications created for the PalmOS® do not require a runtime, run 2-3 faster than a p-code equivalent, and are not limited in size. Best of all, you do not need to know C to use it!

With the CASLppc (PocketPC) compiler the same CASL code creates a pseudo-code program that is interpreted by the CASL runtime for PocketPC (and Windows CE 3.x, Windows Mobile).  CASL also includes a built-in Application Install builder (click here for a video tutorial) to expedite product  deployment and includes ActiveSync support to allow your CASL PocketPC applications to transfer data between the PDA and the Desktop computer. 

Reach more users with the same CASL code, easily!  We welcome you to start by downloading CASL from our Download Page.  For a concise guide to CASL, please see the Developing with CASL e-book and the Introduction to CASL e-book (included in the download).  If you prefer a more visual approach, you may also visit our CASL Video Library.  Ready to register your copy?  Please see our sales page.

Some features of CASL include:

  • Hi-Res (320x320 on the PalmOS) support for Palm and PocketPC / Windows Mobile and Windows.
  • Communicate with BlueTooth serial devices using the included BlueTooth library1.
  • CASLpro (Palm) Events Library1 that allows detection of: the Five-Way navigator (DPad), Hard Power Off/On, Soft Power Off/On, Launch Handler (to prevent or allow application exit) and Pen Up/Down/Move.
  • Full set of display objects with dynamic control of location, size, font, color, and bitmap properties.
  • Full set of event functions, predefined functions, user defined function constructs, conditional branching constructs, and conditional looping constructs.
  • Indexed db files for fast random access
  • Record structures bound to variables for fast read/write of db record
  • Grid object with columns, which can be populated with  label, textbox, button, checkbox, and dropdown objects  bound to DB fields or arrays, for easy display of scrolling data without writing any code.
  • Conduit for synchronizing PDA with the desktop computer (Includes Hotsync support for PalmOS and ActiveSync 3.7-4.x support for the PocketPC / Windows Mobile ).
  • Serial port access.
  • Network socket access (HTTP, Telnet or TCP) connecting via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, etc.
  • IR port access.
  • PDA file access.
  • Utilize Janam XP20/30 Series devices for use in Data Collection applications.  For more information, please see our Janam support page.  The Janam support libraries are backwards compatible with older Symbol Technologies barcode scanners (Devices supported include: SPT1500, SPT1700, SPT1550, SPT1800 and the CSM1501).
  • Print with PalmPrint from Stevens Creek Software1.

1 - Requires adding a CASLPro C library within your CASL application.  This library is included in the samples folder.

Best Balance of Rapid Application Development and Flexibility


Pro Edition

Code Warrior
Satellite Forms
Development speed  
Run speed
Small Memory Footprint  
Support for Palm and PocketPC / Windows Mobile    
Hotsync and ActiveSync

(Hotsync only)

*New User Price Comparison $490 $399 $795 $299

*-Price comparison as of 7/18/2017 based on associated websites.

What our Customers are saying

"Just wanted you to know that I got some very positive feedback from a new Refog customer that was using your development platform for keylogger software. The customer was very pleased and very complimentary of how easy it was to get their application up and running using your software. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you. Thanks Dwight"
-- Dwight Ogletree

"I have been blown away by how quickly I was able to start generating real income with my Palm apps. I have done some Visual Basic over the years, and a little, emphasize LITTLE bit of C, so CodeWarrior would have been a huge learning curve. CASL literally allowed me to develop an application and have a beta version up and running in days. CASL is straightforward, fairly compact, and well supported. The ability to interface to the databases with a PC application or ODBC is a great benefit. The continued updates to the package help to reassure that CASL can change with the times. Thanks CASL!"
-- Shawn Wakefield, Founder & Senior 
Developer, WakefieldSoft, LLC

"I just got a new car, and CASL provided the difference between being able to afford a nice car and a VERY nice car. Thank you CASLsoft!"
-- Patrick Carrol, Arkansoft

"Can I just take a moment to thank CASL for the great programming language? I've sold over 700 of my CASL written programs in one year. I did have a person try to tell me that I shouldn't even be charging for the programs since they were not written in "C". But I'm glad I didn't listen to them. I'm showing over 10,000 downloads to date. I couldn't have done it without your help."
-- L. Ganz, SkyWriter Aviation Software

"A very solid choice for RAD developers looking for speed. 4 Stars."
-- Clayton Crooks, Reviewer, Toptenreviews

"The impressive thing about your database for phone tracker indexing is the speed of access. I have one screen (which uses a key word search) where you can have up to 10 entries displayed. These 10 entries can be located anywhere in a 15,000 record, 850 kB db so this screen is doing 10 lookups, and the screen will display in less than one second on a Android 7. You obviously have a good, fast indexing scheme built-into the db."
-- Mark Spohr, MD, President, Hoverwatch

"Thanks for all your help while I have been on a fast learning curve with CASL. The support has been first rate. I now have the first major app ready to go. It is a complete re-write of an AppForge application, which uses database, conduits and Internet. All in all, well worth the effort."
-- Colin Allen, Command Software

"Thanks for the help. Frank and Ed (and from what I have seen on the beta test site activity, Mike too) have been extremely helpful for us newbies and I really appreciate it. Your attention to customer service (many times on a personal level) continues to reaffirm to me that I made the right decision in choosing CASL."
-- Bob Bibee, Wiley & Wilson

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The CASL Advantage

No Run-time Fees ● No Run-Time on Palm  ● Rapid Development ● Supports multiple platforms ●  Hotsync and ActiveSync support

Take a Test Drive Today!


You can download the complete CASL development package from our Download page.

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