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Here is what the press has had to say about us...

"A very solid choice for RAD developers looking for speed.  4 stars."  
-- Clayton Crooks, Reviewer, Handheld Computing Magazine, Issue 4.5, Page 52, the complete review is here

"When it comes right down to it CASL provides one of the fastest ways to produce a Palm application. Using CASLpro has made it possible for Vivid Software to develop applications that run at the speed of C without the need to write the entire application in C. The product is fast, solid and well supported.  Even if you've never programmed in Visual Basic or Delphi you'll find the CASL language easy to learn."
-- Jon Kilburn, President Vivid Software, Author of "Palm Programming in Basic"

"What I like about CASL is its very logical structure and its easy handling. Because of this I selected this language to show the basics of modern programming techniques to the readers of my book."
-- Christian Immler, Author of  "Essential Palm Programming Guide: Quickly Customize or Create Your Own PDA programs"

"CASL has been my tool of choice since I began handheld programming 3 years ago.  With experience in Visual Basic, I was looking for a language that was powerful and could be learned quickly.  CASL turned out to be that solution.  Its low cost, power and flexibility, and support are first rate.  Bottom line, if you find Code Warrior too difficult and AppForge too expensive, it's time to put CASL in your toolbox.
-- Paul Schmid, Author of "Developing with CASL"

CASL Developers

Here is what unsolicited users of CASL have had to say...

"My company develops vertical market software for public safety, mostly for the law enforcement segment. We wanted to be first on the market with a vehicle crash reconstruction application for the Palm OS. After failing to sell our application initially written in AppForge (mainly due to the large and extremely slow runtime) we decided to evaluate other development products on the market. We vigorously tested Satellite Forms, Code Warrior, NSBasic and other Palm development products. After weeks of testing, we settled on NSBasic. Then we tested CASL and were totally blown away with its performance. CASL beat every product hands down.

The ease of use and the simplicity of the IDE makes CASL a great programming environment. With CASL being a new programming environment to us, we thought the learning curve would slow down our production. What we found was that the learning curve was minimal and our application was converted and in beta in less than two weeks, with the finished product out the door in three and a half weeks from the start date. As for our sales, they have never been better.

In my twenty plus years as a developer, I have always told others that you must use the right tool for the right job. For the Palm platform, we found the right tool in CASL."

-- John Vaccaro, Founder/Owner, Southeastern Data Technologies

"I sat in the CIO office of one of our larger clients and showed him the prototype we all put together a month ago. The projects are coming in and I just purchased two more licenses today. I have two employees chomping at the bit to start Palm development. Thanks for a great product."
-- Mark Jackson

"EXCELLENT. Beyond that. More than five stars. This software has saved me many many hours of development time. It doesn't limit you at all - you can code functions in C if you'd like. Anything that CASL lacks I've coded in C. Also, very nice for custom development. The best RAD tool for Palm OS out there."
-- Alex Ehlke, GreenDragon Software

"... It is interesting having the CASL re-write and the original AppForge apps side by side:

  1. The CASL app is WAY more compact: a slightly larger PRC file (93Kb v. 66Kb), but no 350Kb runtime.
  2. The CASL app is in color with menus (AppForge will have this soon, but I don't know if their runtime will be bigger to go with it).
  3. The CASL app is literally 2 to 3 times as fast, particularly for producing displays and databasing records received over the Internet link.
  4. The CASL app allows me to process larger chunks of data from the Internet without running into OS heap limit problems.
  5. The CASL conduit is more user configurable for my purposes (allows user to set it to 'Do Nothing' for example).
  6. For the internal code, which involved a fairly complex parsing of Internet data, I was able in several cases to paste in my AppForge (VB) code and with only a few syntax changes get it to work very easily.
-- Colin Allen, Command Software

"When we decided to develop a Palm OS based solution for our customers some months ago we searched for a comfortable development tool, and found CASL. We think it is the best way to develop professional software for the Palm OS -- fast and efficient. And the support of CASLsoft is brilliant"
-- Dr. Stephan Schwartz, co-founder of BIOBSERVE.

"5 stars doesn't do this development tool justice! If you are looking for an easy to learn, powerful & comprehensive Palm development tool, you will find no better than CASL. The excellent functionality is only matched by their support team who respond with genuine help to resolve your questions/problems. Seeing is believing, download & sample for yourself!!!"
-- Richard Irvine, PalmPrimed

"If you're looking for a good, fast, efficient way to develop applications for Palm™ (and WinCE) devices, and you've ever coded in Visual Basic?, you'll love CASL. From brief to first demo to the client in 48 hours! If you've never coded before, you'll still be productive quickly. The product is stable and powerful. The support is excellent. My customer is really pleased with the result, and so, of course, am I!"
-- Jeremy E. Cath, Rufan-Redi

"CASL is a great development environment. I recently started to develop for the Palm, and looked around at the various tools available. I started fooling around with CASL a couple of months ago, but since I mostly program using Delphi, I wanted a Pascal-based environment. I came back to CASL and it is wonderful! You have managed to hide the complexities that we don't need to see, but still made this a powerful tool. And, when my application is ready for market, I understand I will be able to purchase a compiler to convert it to native code. All-in-all, good work!!
-- Vilis O. Nams, Biologist, Nova Scotia Agricultural College

"I'm well on my way to completing a rather large and complicated application in CASL. In the beginning, I hit some limits that had me concerned about the feasibility of coding my application in CASL. As it turns out, CASL just forced me to design a more flexible application. Also, coding is so quick that I find my self obsessed with adding features to my app. My overall opinion of CASL: 1) The simplicity allows me code quickly, 2) It's getting better and better all the time, and 3) Support is fantastic. Keep up the good work!!"
-- Brett Johnson, Brett Johnson Computing

"CASL is a terrific product!  I've been a Delphi programmer for a couple of years but needed to port some stuff to the Palm OS.  I selected CASL because I don't really want to go through the learning curve of C or C++.  It took me a little while (i.e., a few hours) to get used to the syntax, but once I dove into it it required less than 6 working hours to go from the "Hello World" application to a high quality radioactive decay calculator.  You may be tired of hearing it by now, but the support offered in your (and Frank's) web sites is outstanding.  I couldn't have gotten this far by now on my own."
-- Paul R. Steinmeyer, Health Physicist, Radiation Safety Associates, Inc

"I have been using this program since it was released. It is an excellent platform for developing Palm OS programs if you are not fluent in C. I recommend it wholeheartedly. I have 10 commercial programs written in CASL and it has fit my needs very well."
-- James Schmidt, PocketDoc Software

"Thanks for your speedy replies and thanks to CASL. I am not a "programmer" but have learned how to program as I developed the SmartLog Programs. I'm pleased to say that SmartLog for the Palm has been given 5 cows on Tucows. I hope to convert my programs to CaslPro soon."
-- Errol Pillemer, SmartLog

"Without ever having written a CASL program before, I started development on a serial port control program for a shortware radio, and two weeks later I had a working program that would operate the radio.  I would recommend CASL to anyone who wants to get started in Palm programming with an easy to learn language at a reasonable cost."
-- Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC

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