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CASLPro (Palm) Make Errors

Compile A Simple App

The WeatherCalc sample app is a good test app. (installed to the \Program Files\CASL43\Samples folder by default).  If this project compiles, there's nothing wrong with your installation.  The Introduction to CASL tutorial, covers the steps necessary to open, compile and install an existing CASL program in Chapter 3, Step #5.  This tutorial is available on Support Page.

GCC and PRC Tools installed OK?

First step in debugging CASLpro errors: - Were all the steps at the GCC Install Page (or GCC Verwendung) followed? - Was the sdk-3.1 directory renamed to SDK? - If running Windows 2000 or Windows NT were the quotes removed from the PATH statement in the c_build.bat file?  Make sure you installed the PRC Tools and GCC files to your boot drive only.  Some users have had problems when installed to other drives.

Activate DOS Window

There's a Tools | IDE Settings menu option in CASLide. Go to this dialog box and check the option, "Show C Build window". This will show you the DOS windows, rather than hide. This will give you a real-time view of c_build compile progress.

Confirm the registry is setup correctly...

Using regedit go to: My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Palm Computing\PRC-Tools\2.0 The PalmDevPath value should be "C:\PalmDev" or where ever your PalmDev directory is. The Prc-ToolsPath should be "C:\Program Files\PRC-Tools" or where ever your PRC-Tools directory is located. Let me know if this solves your problems. Please be very careful when using regedit, if you change the wrong values it could effect Windows causing a reinstall of the operating system. You should not have any problems if you only change these values.

Make reports: make: <project name>.mak: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target `<project name>.mak'. Stop.

This error usually means that you do not have the CASLpro version of the compiler installed. When you upgraded to CASLpro you should have been sent a new version of the CASL_C.exe file. If you do not have this file send your name and license number to upgrade@caslsoft.com and request a new copy of it. If you still have problems let me know.

Make reports: CASL_support.h:61: Pilot.h: No such file or directory CASL_support.h:64: FloatMgr.h: No such file or directory CASL_support.h:67: NewFloatMgr.h: No such file or directory CASL_support.h:74: SerialMgr.h: No such file or directory CASL_support.h:79: FeatureMgr.h: No such file or directory CASL_support.h:80: Graffiti.h: No such file or directory CASL_support.h:81: KeyMgr.h: No such file or directory make: *** [<project name.o] Error 1

This error means that the CASL compiler could not find the SDK. Make sure you renamed the sdk-5 folder to sdk.  Make sure the SDK directory is located at c:/Palmdev/SDK. Also check your registry settings.

datares is full:

This is a problem we recently found in CASLpro. There is a limit to the size of memory that is allocated for constant and object definations. For large CASLpro apps with a lot of objects and constants defined you will get this error. For now the only workaround is to remove some constants and or objects or break your program into smaller programs that call each other with the launch command. I am sorry for this inconvience we are working hard to fix it.  The Maximum number of CASL objects is around 640.

CASLpro databases will not sync

Go to the Project menu and select PRC settings. If you have the Database Creator ID check box check the your app is using the creator ID of your program and you need to create a conduit for this creator ID to have it synced. Read the CASLpro.txt file in the C_Build directory of your CASL installation for more details on how to do this. If you do not have this check box checked then your databases will be synced with the CASL conduit, however you will need to have the CASL runtime installed on your Palm so it will sync. If you still have questions let me know.

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